Author: Kelly

Susana Almuiña solo exhibition at harmon art lab

For the March 2012 exhibition, the harmon art lab has given over the entire gallery, solo and project spaces, to Susana Almuiña for her work that examines the story of her Spanish heritage.

Susana Almuiña’s ambitious installations are a conceptual narrative. Her work resonates with the depth, sincerity, and gravitas that only an artist with her experience can bring.

Social and domestic issues inspire Susana Almuiña’s work, in particular the rules and mores, and even a country’s laws, that guide family behavior and determine their destiny.

In her harmon art lab exhibition, Susana focuses on the interesting history of her father’s family and their farm, on which seven siblings remained together to the end of their lives. Rather than disclose their secrets, Susana examines the personalities and characteristics of the aunts and uncles who stayed behind, looking at family furniture and objects in and around the house that shed, metaphorically, secrets and stories that are part of the family tradition. The result is a site-specific installation using tree roots, soil, farm implements and other items related to her exploration, as well as her own place in this fascinating timeline.

Join us for the opening Saturday, March 10, 2012 or call the harmon art lab at 202-368-7150 to make an appointment to see the works.